Sweepster VRS6-M0022 Volumizer

$ 4,285.00

Brand Machinery Planet

Height (overall) 31.6"

Width (overall) 88"

Length (overall) 72.5”

Sweeping Width 72”

Center of Gravity 29.5”

Weight (lbs) 1,351

Flow Range (GPM) 12-25

Maximum Pressure (PSI) 3,000

Brush Diameter 26”


Sweepster by Paladin, provides high quality sweepers and replacement brushes that are durable enough to perform under the most challenging conditions. Sweepster is the industry leader in rotary brooms and offers a complete line of sweepers for every prime mover and application.

Collector Sweepers - Exclusive Patented Feature Volumizer® Bar


  • The only waterless dust mitigation system (patented)

  • Higher capacity buckets (22%) equal high performance and increased efficiency (available on selected models)

  • Tool-less Quick Change Core and many other standard features