McMillen Auger Drive X1975D

$ 3,880.00

Brand machineryplanet

Specifications X1975D

Maximum auger diameter


914 mm

Minimum hydraulic flow

15 GPM

57 LPM

Maximum hydraulic flow

30 GPM

114 LPM

Max. Continuous Operating PSI

3500 PSI

241 bar

Output shaft options

2 9/16” round, and 2” hex

65 mm, 51 mm

2 Year Comprehensive Warranty • The 75D Series Offers a 5 Year "No Hassle" Planetary Gearbox Warranty.

All 75 Series hydraulic motors drive the auger through a sealed planetary gear reduction.

The heavy-duty, all-gear design gives these units a long life with minimal maintenance and service costs.

75 Series drive units are completely sealed, with all moving components running in oil for total lubrication on a constant basis. All models feature reverse rotation for quick backout when obstructions are encountered. The system's hydraulic relief valve protects the units from damage when the auger hits large, immovable objects. This product is also available CE certified.