Blue Dimond Hydraulic Breacker HB400

$ 13,630.00

Brand Machinery Planet

Come with:



Max Frequency b/min 900

Energy Class ft/lbs. 1500

Max Oil Flow GPM  29

Working Pressure PSI 1750

Weight LBS 950

Tool Diameter Inches 3.4

Max Back Pressure PSI 360

Carrier Weight LBS 17,650 – 25,350

Absolute superiority is the only way to describe this breaker!

After 5 years of industry research, we began to fully understand the drastic unmet needs of the industry.  The quest to develop a breaker that would satisfy these needs drove us to extremes to be able to offer technology, simplicity, reliability, ease of set up, and service support – just to name a few points. Hydraulic Breakers, also known as hammers, are an investment that can, at times, have an entire job waiting on them.  Avoid downtime; choose your breaker wisely!


  • Self-regulating (No need to adjust host machine flow and pressure)
  • Monoblock design (No failure-prone tie rods holding the breaker together)
  • Quickest rebuild time in the industry (average 30 minutes)
  • Body bushings around piston (Monoblock protected in the event of piston damage)
  • Isolation layer between Monoblock and case (Noise and vibration drastically reduced)
  • None of the backpressure concerns so prevalent in the industry
  • All Blue Diamond breakers are under-water ready
  • Anti blank firing system hydraulic brake
  • 1 Accumulator with an energy recovery system
  • No re-gassing needed
  • Only two internal moving parts
  • 3 Year Warranty!

This masterpiece will outlast, outperform, and provide the highest return on investment of any breaker, period!