2018 Atlas Copco XAS110 Air Compressor

$ 7,980.00

Brand machineryplanet


110 CFM, Kubota D902 Engine, Pintle Ring, S/A

334 Hours

185 CFM, 125 PSIG, John Deere 4024TF Engine, Pintle Ring.


Gauges Operational

Oil Pressure The fault indicator shuts off after the engine oil pressure rises.

Warning Lights Operational


Fuel Type  Diesel  

Emission Certification Label  US EPA certification label.

Blow by @ idle (subjective observation) No noticeable vapor or pressure ✔︎

Starter ✔︎ 

Fuel System ✔︎ 

Exhaust System ✔︎

Radiator ✔︎

Oil Leaks ✔︎ No dripping leaks

Fuel Leaks ✔︎ No dripping leaks 

Cooling System ✔︎ No dripping leaks  


Compressor ✔︎

Oil Separator ✔︎

Valves, Hoses, and Piping ✔︎

Limited Function Check ✔︎ Air Compressor. The compressor builds air pressure.


Axle Condition ✔︎

Tire Size ST175/80D13 Tires ✔︎

Tire Condition ✔︎

Wheel Condition ✔︎

Wheel Studs ✔︎

Springs/Hangers Condition ✔︎

Tongue/ Hitch Condition ✔︎

Lights/Wiring Condition ✔︎

Brake Lights Functional ✔︎

Frame Rails/ Main Beams Condition ✔︎

Landing Gear / Tongue Jack ✔︎

Fuel Tank Condition ✔︎