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2005 John Deere 710G

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Brand Machinery Planet

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Open Operator Station, Tilt Steering Wheel, John Deere 6068TT057 Engine, Standard Stick, Rear Auxiliary Hydraulics, 96" Wide, General Purpose Loader Bucket.
The machine is in very good condition ,all main components are in place and operational
1,206 Hours

Mirrors Operational ✔
Seats/Armrests Operational ✔
Seat Belts Operational ✔
Horn Operational ✔
Drivetrain Controls Operational ✔
Brake Control Operational ✔
steering control Operational ✔
Transmission Disconnect Control Operational ✔
Hydraulic Controls . Operational ✔
Backhoe Control Configuration Operational ✔
Exterior Lights Operational Operational ✔
Engine Warning Lights Operational ✔
Gauges Operational ✔
Hour Meter/Odometer Operational ✔
The main components are in place and operational

Starter Operational ✔
Turbo or Blower Operational ✔
Fuel System Operational ✔
Exhaust System Operational ✔
Radiator Operational ✔
Oil Leaks None seenl ✔
Fuel Leaks None seenl ✔
Cooling System Leaks None seenl ✔

The hydraulic system is operational .
Pumps (Hydraulics) Operational ✔
Valves Operational ✔
Hydraulic Tank Operational ✔
Hoses (Hydraulics) Operational ✔
Loader Lift Cylinders Operational ✔
Bucket Tilt Cylinders Operational ✔
Outrigger Cylinders Operational ✔
Swing Cylinders Operational ✔
Boom Lift Cylinder Operational ✔
Stick Cylinder Operational ✔
Bucket Cylinder Operational ✔
Auxiliary Hydraulic Plumbing Operational ✔

The Drivetrain system is fully operational and in very good condition.
Works smooth in forward and reverse.
Transmission Operational ✔
Front Axle Oscillating Pin Wear Operational ✔
Rear Drive Axle Operational ✔
Final Drives Operational ✔

All main components are in place and operational
Steering Linkage Operational ✔
Brake Type: Hydrostatic Operational ✔
Master Cylinder Operational ✔
Brake Lines/Hoses Operational ✔
Park Brake Operational ✔
The brake system functioned, stopping and holding the machine. Frame Condition Operational ✔
Tire Size 14.5/75-16.1SL Front tires; 21L-28 Rear tires; Front: Left: Solideal; Front: Right: Solideal; Rear: Right: Firestone; Rear: Left: Firestone Tire Condition: good see photos Wheel Condition Operational ✔
Wheel Studs, Nuts, Lugs Operational ✔
Lift Arm Condition Operational ✔
Chassis to Arm Pins Operational ✔
Tilt Linkage Operational ✔
Tilt Linkage Pins and Bushings Operational ✔
Bucket to Arm Pins Operational ✔
Boom Condition Operational ✔
Stick Condition Operational ✔
Stick Extension Wear Guides Operational ✔
Boom Lock (Backhoe) Operational ✔
Swing Tower Pivot Operational ✔
Boom Base Pin and Bushings Operational ✔
Pin and Bushings Boom to Stick Operational ✔
Pin and Bushings Stick to Coupler Operational ✔
Outriggers Operational ✔

Loader Bucket Condition Operational ✔
Loader Bucket Edge Operational ✔
Backhoe / Excavator Bucket Condition Operational ✔
Backhoe / Excavator Bucket Shanks and Teeth Operational ✔