Hello. Welcome to Machinery Planet. So happy you’re here.


Machinery Planet started the day I realized I needed someone I can trust. It’s as simple as that. I was on the market, looking for a used compact track older to help with my construction project I was working on at the time. I needed it fast and at a good price. My budget was limited since the project was building a back yard for my house and since my wife was pregnant at the time, I felt I had well, not so much time to spend on it before daddy duty calls. I started spending endless nights on the computer searching for my ideal machine. I didn’t know much of the the technical aspect at that time but I was eager to find someone who can guide me. With every online inquiry form I was filling out and many phone calls I made, I felt I was going no where near finishing building this back yard anytime soon. Lack of patience, lack of time, lack of knowledge? Call it however you want, I felt frustated and that I don’t get that industry at all. It was starting to get too complicated for me. I do not want to participate in an auction, needed someone to help with transportation, get some help with financing, and most importantly having someone on the other side of the phone that will have the patience to guide me with buying the right machine for my needs. Ho yeah, and at good price too. I am not looking to spend my time visiting these big websites with way too many categories and text, it will probably take me some time just to figure out how the site works. I want a clean simple clear website filled with images and videos of the machines. Smart and straight to the point. Bam… here’s the machine. here’s what you need. Solution. That’s when I decided to build an online resource for heavy construction machinery with easy user experience and focus on the images. 


Machinery Planet started as a one man company. It’s small and intimate which enables me to provide you with a personal care. I am aiming toward building a strong community and a loyal base circle of customers around me. Through Machinery Planet, I am able to be an essential part of the construction industry, to learn about the business, and to provide my customers with a solution to their need. I see my business as a unique opportunity to let people know they can find the equipment they are looking for, fast and within their budget. The equipment inventory is big and diverse. It's ever changing since machines are sold and bought on a weekly basis. Chances are you'll see an item you would like to purchase. Don't think about it too long since there's usually only one and it get sold instantly. Make the call, talk to me, and you might see the machine in your yard sooner than you've estimated. Check out the transportation link for assistance with rates and availability.


Machinery Planet is all about:


Used heavy construction machinery.

Used heavy construction equipment.

Tons of images for each product.

A video to show how the machine operate.

Detailed description and specifications of the item.

And most importantly: Someone to guide you through finding your machine or equipment.


As you can see, I like to keep it simple and easy so thanks for making a stop.


- Daniel