Cat H70 Hydraulic Breaker

$ 6,800.00

Brand Machinery Planet

H70 307D, 308D CR

Recommended carrier weight 5-8 Ton

Working weight 950 lbs 

*Spade (parallel or transverse) Applications • Frozen or compact ground • Asphalt

*Moil Applications • Sedimentary and weak metamorphic rock into which tool penetrates • Concrete Select when: • Working in soft, nonabrasive rock • Needing greater protection against excessive retaining pin groove wear

Price Not including tools or pins. Only the Breacker.

1 Low Pressure Accumulator – Assists in the power stroke of the piston.

2 Custom Sideplates – Designed for Caterpillar carrier geometry. Protects the powercell and front end.

3 High Pressure Accumulator – Dampens pressure peaks thus protecting the carrier hydraulic system (not shown).

4 Distributor – High oil volume for greater blow frequency.

5 Pressure Adjusting Valve (PAV) – Assures that all blows are delivered at a constant blow energy.

6 Piston – Long heavy piston delivers maximum impact energy and minimizes recoil forces to carrier.

7 Long Front End – Ensures proper piston tool alignment.

8 Slip Fit Thrust Ring – Dissipates harmful shock loads in abusive applications. 9 Slip Fit Upper Tool Bushing – Positive alignment for the tool.

10 Tool Retention Pin System – Allows quick and easy removal of tool.

11 Side Plate Fastener – Working forces carried through cap screws and front end.

12 Slip Fit Lower Tool Bushing (Field Replaceable) – Grease retention grooves for extended lubrication and wear indication.

13 Dust Seal – Dust Seal helps prevent foreign material from entering the housing. This reduces the wear on the power cell and other major components. 14 Tool – Heat treated for longer life. Ideally matched to piston for greater transfer of stress waves.