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2009 Dodge Ram 5500 Heavy Duty Flatbed Truck

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MILEAGE 106,977 Miles
VIN 3D6WC76L99G532376
Cummins 6.7L Engine, Automatic Transmission, 168" Wheel Base, 4x2, 7,000 lb. Front Axle, 13,500 lb. Rear Axle, 19,500 lb. GVWR, Stake Body, Removable Stake Sides, Spring Type Suspension, Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Dual High Back Seats, Tilt Steering Wheel.


Engine Make:



Engine Displacement:

6.7L Engine


Fuel Type



Transmission Type / Speeds:

Automatic Transmission


Wheel Base:

168" Wheel Base


Drive Type:



Front Axle Capacity:

7,000 lb. Front Axle


Rear Axle Capacity:

13,500 lb. Rear Axle



19,500 lb. GVWR


Air Conditioning  ✔︎ Operational

Cruise Control  ✔︎ Operational

Dual High Back Seats  ✔︎ Operational

Tilt Steering Wheel  ✔︎ Operational

Paint Finish  ✔︎ Operational

Cab Sheet Metal / Fiberglass Condition  ✔︎ Operational

Glass Condition  ✔︎ Operational

Steps/Catwalks  ✔︎ Operational

Exterior Lights  ✔︎ Operational

Window Controls Both Manual  ✔︎ Operational

Seats/armrests  ✔︎ Operational

Seat Belts. ✔︎ Operational

Steering Control ✔︎ Operational

Horn ✔︎ Operational

Oil Pressure The gauge registers in the operating range. ✔︎ Operational

Warning Lights ✔︎ Operational

Gauges ✔︎ Operational

Gear Selector ✔︎ Operational

Brake Control ✔︎ Operational

Odometer/Hour Meter 106,977 Miles 

Air Conditioner ✔︎ Operational

Heater ✔︎ Operational


Blow by @ idle (subjective observation) No noticeable vapor or pressure

Starter  ✔︎ Operational

Fuel System  ✔︎ Operational

Exhaust System  ✔︎ Operational

Radiator  ✔︎ Operational

Oil Leaks No dripping leaks ✔︎

Fule Leaks No dripping leaks ✔︎ 

Cooling No System Leaks ✔︎ 

Steering ✔︎ Components 

Steer Axle ✔︎ Operational

Transmission ✔︎ Operational

Rear Drive Axle ✔︎ Operational

Limited Function Check ✔︎ Operational

Suspension Springs/Hangers ✔︎ Operational

Suspension Bushings ✔︎ Operational

Wheel Condition ✔︎ Operational

Wheel Studs ✔︎ Operational

Park Brake ✔︎ Operational

Limited Function Check - Brakes ✔︎ Operational

Frame Condition ✔︎ Operational

Flat Bed Body ✔︎ Operational

Support Frame ✔︎ Operational